Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Got Robbed!

Hi y'all,

I know it's been a while but my apartment got broken into and my computer was stolen. Yep. It sucks a big phatty, I know. My window was cracked and homeboy climbed right in and helped himself to my Mac laptop, my iPod, $400 in cash I had for my movers (I moved the day after I found out - not fun) and some jewelry. The computer is obviously the worst as it has just about my entire life on it. The window that he got into was off the fire escape so even if you have a window that is at all close to the fire escape PLEASE close and lock it at all times. I am freaked out because I left that window open all the time because it gets hot as balls in my place.

And PLEASE do me a favor right now and get renter's insurance. I have it and will be getting reimbursed for most of my stuff - including the cash. Talk about cheap and fashionable - I pay about $200 a year for the insurance - not bad considering I got about $3,000 worth of stuff stolen. Oy! Be safe, ladies!

And when I get my money and computer back, I'll tell you all about the cute spring fashions I'm seeing around. Weeee!