Thursday, July 23, 2009


I forgot to mention that I am a future Bridezilla! It's very exciting and even more exciting is going to be trying to throw a killer party on a serious dime. First things first - the dress. Please send me any suggestions you might have of where I can find cheap awesome dresses that just so happen to be white. Here is what I'm going for - short and fun. I've found a few dresses in photos I've seen of other people's weddings and also just photos of dresses that I think are awesome. But I have no idea where to actually find these dresses.

Here's some inspiration (also above):

I love this. I would need it to be a bit shorter but I love it.

Obvs I would opt for no bird on my head. And no belt. Not that one. But maybe like a big ol' orange sash or something. And fun bright shoes. Yes please!

Modcloth Picks of the Week!

I've been so lazy writing this friggin' blog (b/c I have a job now and hopefully you'll be able to see the show I'm working on soon enough!) but I want to pretend like I have some reoccuring features. So it's that time of the week, folks! I'm gonna pick my favorite things from my favorite websites. Wrrd.

This is me-chic. Need it. Want it. It comes in white too. Real cute.

Sans that tie waste and plue a cute woven belt I think you could have a hit outfit on your hands. Try somethign with a puff sleeve underneath. Just thinking aloud here, keep it moving...

I feel like this would make me look like a wheel of brie, but I like it.

French Connection Is Having a Huge Sale!

FCUK (so suggestive - we get it) is an overpriced mall store. I know. But I will say that their stuff does fit very well and I've enjoyed quite a few of their items. They are having a huge sale right now because apparently I'm not the only one who thinks their clothes are not worth the money. But, I love a sale! I suggest going into a store if you can because they have much better stuff than the online store has to offer.

I love a high waisted skirt. I suggest getting this at the store though. I feel like FC makes the fatal flaw of using really heavyweight fabrib and so their skirts feel like a mother effing sack. Not cool, FC. Not cool at all. But still quite cute.

I think this top is real cute but it feels like something I would have worn in 2005. Not that that's a bad thing but I might be too old for this. But I kinda want to try it out...

I swear to the bones of the great Houdini that I have this top in my closet. I'm quite pleased with it and I highly suggest you be pleased with it as well.

I swear to the bones of sweet baby jesus I'm wearing this top right now but under a black jumper and it's pretty much the cutest thing I've had on all week. I love it. Not for 88 bones I don't but I'll throw down 40 for it. Fo' Sho'.

This lil' number has party written all over it and if I ever let my shoulders be bare in public it would be on me right now as I am ready to effin' throw down.

Anna Sui is Coming to Target! 500 Exclamation Points!

So I am way behind the times but I just found out that Anna Sui is hopping on the Target train and I really couldn't be happier. I'm dying of excitement and the line is inspired by Gossip Girl. Of course. And you know what? I do not mind one bit. My Fall wardrobe has "Blair-chic" written all over it. I pretty much love every piece but I could do without the edgy Jenny Humphrey looks. Not interested.

The line hits the stores September 13th and will only be available till October 17th. My online shopping skills are going to be put to the test but I'm working on my clicks per minute in order to ensure my shopping cart is full and ready upon the line being posted.

See y'all in the Target line!