Thursday, July 23, 2009

French Connection Is Having a Huge Sale!

FCUK (so suggestive - we get it) is an overpriced mall store. I know. But I will say that their stuff does fit very well and I've enjoyed quite a few of their items. They are having a huge sale right now because apparently I'm not the only one who thinks their clothes are not worth the money. But, I love a sale! I suggest going into a store if you can because they have much better stuff than the online store has to offer.

I love a high waisted skirt. I suggest getting this at the store though. I feel like FC makes the fatal flaw of using really heavyweight fabrib and so their skirts feel like a mother effing sack. Not cool, FC. Not cool at all. But still quite cute.

I think this top is real cute but it feels like something I would have worn in 2005. Not that that's a bad thing but I might be too old for this. But I kinda want to try it out...

I swear to the bones of the great Houdini that I have this top in my closet. I'm quite pleased with it and I highly suggest you be pleased with it as well.

I swear to the bones of sweet baby jesus I'm wearing this top right now but under a black jumper and it's pretty much the cutest thing I've had on all week. I love it. Not for 88 bones I don't but I'll throw down 40 for it. Fo' Sho'.

This lil' number has party written all over it and if I ever let my shoulders be bare in public it would be on me right now as I am ready to effin' throw down.

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