Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Style Icon Must Haves

My Mom, The Style Icon is driving me bananas with how amazing our mother's closets must have been. Vintage-chic is in full effect so here are 5 cheap and easy items to make your wardrobe momtastic!

1. Make 2010 the year of the sweater dress.

2. And the year of the two piece outfit.

3. This belt says everything I can't.

4. Make a New Year's Resolution to be a solid gold disco mom.

5. Watch yer back when you wear this top ladies - grannies might jump you for it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ye Olde Price Compare

I get so mad when I see things with the price marked up. I am of the philosophy that non-designer clothing should cost under $50, but unforth we live in a greed palace and people want your money. And you give it to them! So do I though. Guilty guilty guil-tee. That should be a tee shirt. Goodbye.

This dress is $80 at ModCloth and $54 at Lulu's! Major WTF.

This Ain't No David's Bridal...

For those (count to zero) who have been following my hunt for the perfect wedding dress that isn't a wedding dress, you can finally stop and take a breath. I'm calling off the hunt! I have found my dress! And it is pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. If you are anything like me you don't want a traditional wedding dress. So here are some options! That's all - options!

This Betsey Johnson dress comes in many different colors and is the ultimate party dress. My dress actually looks a lot like this. Weee!

This dress is making me wish I had this one instead of my own. I kinda am in love with this thing. Big time.

This dress is pricey but ohmygoddoiwantit. It's very different than the route I went and this is a little more traditional, but it's incredibly unique and I think would look amazing on anyone. You should get married just so this can be in your family.

All I want for Christmas is to be a Mom Style Icon

My favorite blog in the whole world is My Mom, The Style Icon. Everyday I find myself drooling over some stranger's mother who was captured in an amazing outfit and posted on a blog many years later. I want to look like all those stylish ladies. And thanks to a little thing called "online shopping" I now can.

Day gowns came back this year but they seemed a little too J-Lo for me. Moms did it better. And you can do vintage.

Why did all moms love dressing like sailors? And why can't we? We can!!! I promise.

If you need the perfect dress for Xmas Eve please look at my new fave Etsy shop, TimelessVixen Vintage. Not only did I get my wedding dress from them but they have everything you could ever want to wear if all you wore was vintage gowns. Sounds like my perfect world.

While sipping egg nog this holiday season I plan to wear this dress and sport a beehive. I'll be half b-52's half MMTSI-chic. I'll also take a pic of myself with a poodle and photoshop it so it looks old and then submit it to the blog so I can finally feel like I belong.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Every Girl Loves A BIG BLACK... FRIDAY!!!

Ger yer minds out of the gutters ladies, it's super awesome sale day pretty much everywhere in the world (wide web, that is). Get to it!

Tulle is having a 50% site wide sale! I got this lil' number for freakin' $25 - free shipping!

Okay, here you go - this is it for now because I'm off to brunch with my BEYONCE!

Happy TomHanksGiving!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

More Monday Funday

Get 30% off site wide at Fred Flare - last day of the Holiday Preview sale is today!!! Enter code PREVIEW at checkout and get 30% off - dudes, that is some serious discounting.

If you are a pants person (I'm not) I suggest these! I'm not a pants person because my body is bizarre and hates pants, but I wish for nothing more than to be a pants person.

I'm wearing this right now. It is awesome.

I can't get away with strapless, but if I could this dress would be mine.

Yes, I got this. It's cute although I can't go for my usual seconds and thirds at meals b/c when full this is a tummy dress. Thank god for spanx!

Monday Funday

Use the code BSW6854N and get 30% off - today only!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Two More...

I can't NOT put these on here. Can't Not!

This jacket is a cheaper version of the one below - hoooray!

And this balloon "swacket" is top notch. And $33. Deal. I call it "Falcon-chic".

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Asian Persuasion - Yes please YESSTYLE!

If you live in San Francisco you are the luckiest person in the world as far as I'm concerned. No, not because it's a great city but because Yes Style - my favorite website just opened a store there!

For $50 you can't get much better than this amazing coat.

Mark my words - this is the new "in" length. Or I'm just officially old. I'm okay with either.

Toddler-chic in full effect.

This place is hard because returning things is a made pain in the tuckus, but this dress just might warrant the risk.

I can't tell if I would actually wear this but I love it! It's tween-chic but I'm a tween at heart. And for $27.50, aren't we all?

French Connection Friends & Family Sale

20% off in stores and 10% in outlets! Email me for the coupon and I'll send it to you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Books are the Gift that Keep on Giving!

Books are amazing because they make great gifts and are cheap and if you are seriously broke all you need is an ID to get a library card. If you have no proof of identification you most likely aren't on a computer stumbling across the only blog with less page views than this.

So...with that said, if you need to read away the weeks in between Thanksgiving and whatever you celebrate in December I highly recommend the following:

Put this in your bathroom and get cozy. Your welcome.

Coffee tables will never be safe again when this book is displayed on it. Not sure what that means but get it and find out!

Nothing says "BEST GIFT EVER" like this book!

I saw someone reading this on the subway the other day and it inspired me. I watched all his movies a couple years ago so now I'll try my hand at reading his books. Color me laughing for several months!

I haven't read this one yet but it's on my list and if we run into each other we'll have something to talk about. Finally! And if you don't want to know about the lives of Carol King and her weird controlling husband and who "You're So Vain" is actually about then we don't have much in common anyway. No wonder we never have anything to talk about.

Premature Holiday Wish Listing - Fishs Eddy Edition

This store is amazing. If you happen to be in Union Square in NYC anytime soon please do yourself and everyone you need to buy gifts for a favor and stop in. You will leave happy (and sad that you are leaving) and with a large tote bag full of your entire shopping list. Unless you are buying gifts for children. Don't go in here in that is the case.

It's weird stuff like this that makes me the happiest in the world. Please tell my mother to insert said horse into stocking. Thank you.

If you didn't know, coasters make for great stocking stuffers!

You don't celebrate Christmas? Well then these Heroes of the Torah glasses will be the perfect Hannauahahkahaah gift for Uncle Saul! Or for me because I'm marrying a Jew and I love these glasses and want to drink Kosher wine out of them. I love them!

Maybe Dad is sad that election year is 3 years away - brighten his day with some political mugs and pair it with some good coffee!

Nut bowls/ramicans/olive pit receptacles/call them what you will but please call them awesome.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uhhhh...Remember Me?

Sorry y'all - this poor girl got herself a jiz-ob and is now making money!!! Whassssuuup?!?!? That means my e-shopping has recently gotten a little out of control as I spend my lunch hour (i.e. ten minutes at my desk while i scarf down usually Korean food in record time and make everyone around me uncomfortable) perusing the internet aisles looking for sweet wardrobe enhancers. Bring it!

I bought this jacket and I love it. It's a bit on the pricey side and ultimately does not fit me (a little on the small side) but I still wear it and it's a serious compliment magnet.

This skirt is a must have and it's from Asia which means it's automatically awesome.
I want these because they are cheap, cartoonish and I can walk in them. I bought a chunky wedge and seriously am a full on palsy victim in them because I have no skillz. None.

I probably have 5 bags that look like this but some dude tried grabbing at my purse last night and so I'm thinking I need more messenger and less over the shoulder if I'm going to be the anti-mugging bait I've always wanted to be.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rachel Roy at Macy's

I'm not a frequenter of Macy's, but I do find good stuff there when I do make my bi-annual trip. Today at lunch I thought I'd stop by and see what's going on...and holy cow I met Rachel Roy! Okay, so I didn't meet her but my eyes met her clothes and I'm impressed with Macy's. They have an exclusive line from this woman who I have never heard of but most likely gets mistaken for Rachel Ray, which is unfortunate. But check out these items and stop by a store if you can b/c there's a lot that isn't on the site.

Home girl does jewels too.

This dress is cute and there is a similar one at the store that is black and white and all things that dreams are made of.

I actually bought this coat. And I did the open up the credit card thing so I would get 15% off. I'm a cheapskate people. So what.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wool Coats For Under 110 Bones

You know you wanna look like crazy Jesse from NYC Prep. Now you can for only $92!

For $79 everyone could use a lime green coat.

I made the limit $110 because this Quicksilver coat is all kinds of cute for only $109!

And for $40 you probably want a greenish "trapeze" coat as well...whatever that means.

$98 bucks at Fred Flare!

Falling Into Fall...isn't that a cute headline?

Fall is coming and that means cute sweaters, a light jacket and scarves! Everyone looks good in the Fall because they are covered up. Those girls on the subway who wear tights in July no longer have to be self-conscious about whatever it is about their legs that they are self-conscious about. It's a good thing for everyone. Here's what my closet will look like this Fall:

Get yer coat on. No, seriously, it's gonna get chilly outside!

One jumper is all you need - also an investment but I swear you'll wear it at least once a week. I know the people I work with must think I am a serious dirtbag, but I can't help it that jumpers are easy and comfortable and flattering and look different depending on what you wear underneath it. Here is one option.

This year I think I'm finally going to invest in some Sven boots. You can get them any way you want (it's call customizing) and you can get them resoled every year for a mere $30. So while they are a big cost up front, they will feel brand new every year. AND they are water proof and lined in something soft and warm that comes from a farm animal most likely. TRANSLATION: worth every penny.

This is called the Green Point Dress and I live in Greenpoint so I figured it was a sign and so I bought it and when I get it I'm gonna wear it. Done.