Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Uhhhh...Remember Me?

Sorry y'all - this poor girl got herself a jiz-ob and is now making money!!! Whassssuuup?!?!? That means my e-shopping has recently gotten a little out of control as I spend my lunch hour (i.e. ten minutes at my desk while i scarf down usually Korean food in record time and make everyone around me uncomfortable) perusing the internet aisles looking for sweet wardrobe enhancers. Bring it!

I bought this jacket and I love it. It's a bit on the pricey side and ultimately does not fit me (a little on the small side) but I still wear it and it's a serious compliment magnet.

This skirt is a must have and it's from Asia which means it's automatically awesome.
I want these because they are cheap, cartoonish and I can walk in them. I bought a chunky wedge and seriously am a full on palsy victim in them because I have no skillz. None.

I probably have 5 bags that look like this but some dude tried grabbing at my purse last night and so I'm thinking I need more messenger and less over the shoulder if I'm going to be the anti-mugging bait I've always wanted to be.


Coco said...

jacket = yes. Too bad I can't afford it but it's ADORABLE

Coco said...

p.s. is your user name a reference to "come on eileen"? if so, we should be friends.

comeoncolleen said...

it is! i'm glad you got that. sometimes people think it's "inappropriate" (i.e. porny) but those peeps are perves.

the jacket is pricey, i know. i do wear it a lot though so i feel like i'm getting my money's worth. if it goes on sale i'll let you know!

e-bro said...

some people also call her coco!