Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rachel Roy at Macy's

I'm not a frequenter of Macy's, but I do find good stuff there when I do make my bi-annual trip. Today at lunch I thought I'd stop by and see what's going on...and holy cow I met Rachel Roy! Okay, so I didn't meet her but my eyes met her clothes and I'm impressed with Macy's. They have an exclusive line from this woman who I have never heard of but most likely gets mistaken for Rachel Ray, which is unfortunate. But check out these items and stop by a store if you can b/c there's a lot that isn't on the site.

Home girl does jewels too.

This dress is cute and there is a similar one at the store that is black and white and all things that dreams are made of.

I actually bought this coat. And I did the open up the credit card thing so I would get 15% off. I'm a cheapskate people. So what.

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Elvinia said...

Lovely dresses available at Macys... I like to wear designer dresses so much!!