Thursday, September 3, 2009

Falling Into Fall...isn't that a cute headline?

Fall is coming and that means cute sweaters, a light jacket and scarves! Everyone looks good in the Fall because they are covered up. Those girls on the subway who wear tights in July no longer have to be self-conscious about whatever it is about their legs that they are self-conscious about. It's a good thing for everyone. Here's what my closet will look like this Fall:

Get yer coat on. No, seriously, it's gonna get chilly outside!

One jumper is all you need - also an investment but I swear you'll wear it at least once a week. I know the people I work with must think I am a serious dirtbag, but I can't help it that jumpers are easy and comfortable and flattering and look different depending on what you wear underneath it. Here is one option.

This year I think I'm finally going to invest in some Sven boots. You can get them any way you want (it's call customizing) and you can get them resoled every year for a mere $30. So while they are a big cost up front, they will feel brand new every year. AND they are water proof and lined in something soft and warm that comes from a farm animal most likely. TRANSLATION: worth every penny.

This is called the Green Point Dress and I live in Greenpoint so I figured it was a sign and so I bought it and when I get it I'm gonna wear it. Done.

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