Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Style Icon Must Haves

My Mom, The Style Icon is driving me bananas with how amazing our mother's closets must have been. Vintage-chic is in full effect so here are 5 cheap and easy items to make your wardrobe momtastic!

1. Make 2010 the year of the sweater dress.

2. And the year of the two piece outfit.

3. This belt says everything I can't.

4. Make a New Year's Resolution to be a solid gold disco mom.

5. Watch yer back when you wear this top ladies - grannies might jump you for it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ye Olde Price Compare

I get so mad when I see things with the price marked up. I am of the philosophy that non-designer clothing should cost under $50, but unforth we live in a greed palace and people want your money. And you give it to them! So do I though. Guilty guilty guil-tee. That should be a tee shirt. Goodbye.

This dress is $80 at ModCloth and $54 at Lulu's! Major WTF.

This Ain't No David's Bridal...

For those (count to zero) who have been following my hunt for the perfect wedding dress that isn't a wedding dress, you can finally stop and take a breath. I'm calling off the hunt! I have found my dress! And it is pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. If you are anything like me you don't want a traditional wedding dress. So here are some options! That's all - options!

This Betsey Johnson dress comes in many different colors and is the ultimate party dress. My dress actually looks a lot like this. Weee!

This dress is making me wish I had this one instead of my own. I kinda am in love with this thing. Big time.

This dress is pricey but ohmygoddoiwantit. It's very different than the route I went and this is a little more traditional, but it's incredibly unique and I think would look amazing on anyone. You should get married just so this can be in your family.

All I want for Christmas is to be a Mom Style Icon

My favorite blog in the whole world is My Mom, The Style Icon. Everyday I find myself drooling over some stranger's mother who was captured in an amazing outfit and posted on a blog many years later. I want to look like all those stylish ladies. And thanks to a little thing called "online shopping" I now can.

Day gowns came back this year but they seemed a little too J-Lo for me. Moms did it better. And you can do vintage.

Why did all moms love dressing like sailors? And why can't we? We can!!! I promise.

If you need the perfect dress for Xmas Eve please look at my new fave Etsy shop, TimelessVixen Vintage. Not only did I get my wedding dress from them but they have everything you could ever want to wear if all you wore was vintage gowns. Sounds like my perfect world.

While sipping egg nog this holiday season I plan to wear this dress and sport a beehive. I'll be half b-52's half MMTSI-chic. I'll also take a pic of myself with a poodle and photoshop it so it looks old and then submit it to the blog so I can finally feel like I belong.