Thursday, July 23, 2009


I forgot to mention that I am a future Bridezilla! It's very exciting and even more exciting is going to be trying to throw a killer party on a serious dime. First things first - the dress. Please send me any suggestions you might have of where I can find cheap awesome dresses that just so happen to be white. Here is what I'm going for - short and fun. I've found a few dresses in photos I've seen of other people's weddings and also just photos of dresses that I think are awesome. But I have no idea where to actually find these dresses.

Here's some inspiration (also above):

I love this. I would need it to be a bit shorter but I love it.

Obvs I would opt for no bird on my head. And no belt. Not that one. But maybe like a big ol' orange sash or something. And fun bright shoes. Yes please!


Bekkah said...

Just found your blog and it is super cute! This particular post made me squee a little bit for a few reasons a) congratulations! I'm really excited for you! b) I love weddings of all kinds and c) I actually have some good advice for you on the dress finding. I was just recently married and if I was a bit less traditional I probably would have gone with something short and vintagey.

Anyways... check all of your local consignment shops, thrift storees, even your local goodwill (if you live in a good part of town). I know a girl who got a gorgeous designer dress in beautiful condition for $100 at goodwill. Also check ebay. You would be suprised at how many wedding dresses end up on ebay... and in great condition too!

For more than just budget friendly wedding dresses, I suggest you join and chat with the ladies on the message board for your area. This saved me tons of money and gave me some great ideas. You can definitely pull off a fabulous wedding while on a budget!

comeoncolleen said...

you are awesome - thanks for the comment and all the info!! i ended up getting a dress this week! i got it on etsy and it's vintage and i'm real excited for it although i need to do some serious alterations.

and i just signed up for the knot - thanks again!