Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gilt Group - Get On It

So there is this site called Gilt Group and it's basically for people who love designer clothes but can't afford them at their regular retail value.  Now, this is not for the folks who won't spend more than $20 a dress.  It's a little more for people who will spend, just not that much.  I like to call them sophisticated cheapskates.  And I salute you.  

You can either sign up for this group OR you can email me your email address and I'll invite you which will then grant me a $25 coupon on my next order.  And I'll love you forever.  My birthday is coming up so this is kinda the perfect gift!

The sales on this site change every couple days so if you don't see something you love now just wait it out and it's sure to come.  My friends are constantly showing up to parties in amazing frocks and every time I ask where it came from the answer seems to always be "Gilt Group".  Sold!

Email me for an invite:

Also - there's a chance I might have already blogged about this.  Deal with it. 

Also also - I'm sorry I haven't been blogging.  I gots me a job so I'm trying to bring home the bacon.  

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