Monday, March 2, 2009

Built By Wendy Sample Sale - Two Days Only!!

Folks, I'm at work and shouldn't be blogging but it's a slow day and this is huge breaking news - BBW is having a crazy awesome sale and her clothes are crazy cheap - we're talking H&M and Forever 21 prices - get em while their hot!

This top is in the $10 bin but says $45. For $10 - yes! For $45, eh, maybe. But check it all out - such amazing deals to be had!

This shirt would look awful on me but I love it so much. Please someone who it would flatter buy it so I can stare enviously.

This skirt looks a little Dugger-chic in the green and white but in the purple and black it's dreamy.

Yes please to purple wedges. Or black or denim if that's what you fancy.

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