Monday, March 23, 2009

Things I Want

Spring is here and even though I am unemployed there are several things I'm coveting for the warm weather.  Operation: Get A Job is in full effect so until I actually succeed I need to pinch more pennies, but once I cash in that first pay check all bets are off.  I plan to single handedly turn this bitch of an economy around - watch out retailers, I WILL be back!

I'm actually not going to wait for a paycheck and will instead use $30 from my unemployment check to get these to me ASAP.  Check please!

Every girl needs a summer LBD (little black dress, duh) and I think this one might be mine.

This belt might also have to go in the "can't wait, need now" pile.

This dress will make your mother happy that you've been looking through her old photos.

Tunics and Mexico-chic are two things that will never go out of style.  Therefore this lil' frock should stay in your closet for years to come.  Your welcome!

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