Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Those hard to find items...

So you have this dress, right?  And it's plum and you are thinking, "How the H am I going to find shoes to match?"  You are also probably cursing yourself for buying a dress that you can't match shoes to, but that's for you to deal with privately.  But, about the shoes...well, folks, I have the answer:  This site is pretty amazing.  It pretty much takes anything you can buy and puts it in one searchable place and then it finds it for you and then takes you directly to where you can buy it.  It's like Google for clothes.  For reals.  Your welcome. 

Desperately seeking Desperately Seeking Susan boots?  Done and doner.

Love giraffes?  Pissed no one puts them adult clothing?  Solution

Do you look great in green but can't find a cute green dress you can afford for the summer?  I found it!  And all I did was type in "green dress" and tada!  It's friggin' magic peeps.

So what about the plum dress?  Click yer heels in these 3 times and say "There's no place like Shop Style."


goldenmeans said...

ooh, so pretty! i bought the corey lynn calter giraffe top -- for only $30, i could not resist!

comeoncolleen said...

oh goodie! that shirt is amazing and such a good price. well done!