Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Premature Holiday Wish Listing - Fishs Eddy Edition

This store is amazing. If you happen to be in Union Square in NYC anytime soon please do yourself and everyone you need to buy gifts for a favor and stop in. You will leave happy (and sad that you are leaving) and with a large tote bag full of your entire shopping list. Unless you are buying gifts for children. Don't go in here in that is the case.

It's weird stuff like this that makes me the happiest in the world. Please tell my mother to insert said horse into stocking. Thank you.

If you didn't know, coasters make for great stocking stuffers!

You don't celebrate Christmas? Well then these Heroes of the Torah glasses will be the perfect Hannauahahkahaah gift for Uncle Saul! Or for me because I'm marrying a Jew and I love these glasses and want to drink Kosher wine out of them. I love them!

Maybe Dad is sad that election year is 3 years away - brighten his day with some political mugs and pair it with some good coffee!

Nut bowls/ramicans/olive pit receptacles/call them what you will but please call them awesome.


comeoncolleen said...

i don't know how to format this to make it look nice. i guess it's a good thing no one reads this and i am commenting to myself. good day.

Anonymous said...

You know, you could spend even LESS money if you just shopped at a department store instead of getting things by designers.

comeoncolleen said...

you are totally right! but Fishs Eddy isn't a designer - at least not a REAL one. and i live in NYC so department stores are few and far between. and the ones that are around are completely picked through and have been terrorized so it's nice to go into little clean stores and find gems.

Antonia said...

Hi! I just found your blog, AND I just read your post about your wedding dress, and how you like it fun and short and unexpensive. Now, I'm not from US, so I'n not sure if about $600 bucks for a wedding dress is unexpensive, but for the short and fun side, you may wanna check this page: www.dollycouture.com

They are vintage inspired tea length wedding dresses, and you can customize them. The designer, Dolly Thicke, is also located in facebook, where you can see more pictures. I just love her designs.

Hope it helps!

comeoncolleen said...

hey thank you!!! that first dress is totally dolly couture! and is absolutely on my list of dresses i might get if i wear a wedding dress.

i'm torn between just a fun party dress and a real wedding dress. i haven't looked outside the internet so i don't know what i want.

but thank you so much! i love any and all suggestions!

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