Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Angela Adams

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the have gifts for no one except a small crumb for a mouse.  So you are broke like everyone else and you have no gifts except for some homemade I.O.U. cards.  Big whoop.  When you finally hit the jackpot and can catch up on wedding gifts/holidays gifts may I suggest looking into this website for designer of all things whimsically amazing?  May I????  Angela Adams has designed amazing rugs and wall hangings and glasses that make me want to work much harder for much more money so that my home may be filled with beautiful things from her website.  Oh, to be an adult...

This is a great rug and it's on sale and it's adorable and it's going to mine if I have any say in anything.  

Oh how this tray makes me want to be a homemaker and entertainer.  I shall one day do both!  The woman who really has it all!

I just sent my boyfriend an email asking him if we'll be able to hang this rainbow print in our new home.  Fingers crossed he says yes!!!

This rug is hands down my favorite (I want this to be my home) but I'm not sure where on the site it is so I'm linking to Ryan's site because I found out about this from her blog.   Thanks Ryan!!!

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