Sunday, December 14, 2008


I got a new dress!!!  I got it at a very fancy pants store that I love browsing at but usually leave defeated because I can't afford a single thing.  Except they started carrying a very affordable line!  And I picked this dress out before I even knew it only cost $62!!!  The brand is called MINKPINK and they are carried at Urban Outfitters and maybe Macy's or some other big big mall type store (yes, also known as a department store).  They are from the big Outback Steakhouse - Australia!!  

OMG - finally the daughter of the Chief has her own version of a tuxedo shirt!!!

I'm not a huge fan of tanks but I AM a huge fan of eagles.  

I'm so happy that the 90's are popular again.  I love these floral prints

This dress is described as having a "wet look".  Sold to December 31st!!

I see my friend Margot in this navajo-chic dress.

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