Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear Santa...

Here is my Christmas list so if you are MY BOYFRIEND or MY FRIEND or MY PARENTS or MY SISTER then I suggest that you take from this list when purchasing.  If you know someone who is similar to me then I suggest to take from this list when purchasing for them.  If you know someone who is hard to buy for then go with a gift card.  Or get them something silly from a store with a gift receipt so they can return it and get themselves something they really want.  This is your opportunity to be super ridick.  Make it count!

I used to have this old lady head lamp and it was super awesome and then I have a friggin subletter who friggin broke it.  Moral of the story is don't let strangers live in your stuff.  Especially if it's your favorite stuff.  But good thing I have cheap taste and love the internet because that means there is no such thing as one of a kind!!!  Woo Hoo!

Gifts are awesome because they are the perfect reason to get things you don't need.  And I have no need whatsoever for these log bowls but dear lord, how friggin' cool are they?!?!  I'm really into them.  I don't even know what I'll do with them but I'm happy just to look at them.  

My boyfriend (sup sup!!) and I are moving in together in March.  This means that I'm officially an adult and am making mature decisions and one of those decisions is to have weird things like coasters laying around the house.  And so these cool letter coasters from Veer on are my list.  

I'm obsessed with cults and am always interested in Jonestown.  That's why "Raven: The Untold Story of the Rev. Jim Jones and His People" by Tim Reiterman is numero uno on my list this year.

I like plants but I don't like to take care them.  That means that I like the look of plants just like I like the look of a cat awaiting my return home.  But I hate cleaning out that litter box.  So I'd like to make watering plants fun with this log cabin watering can.  I already gave my cat away (R.I.P. Nightlife!  I'll love you forever!!!) so all I got are plants!


erin is gross said...

we need to schedule a phone date. i don't like learning about your life on your blog. go back to tv so we can gchat. :)

comeoncolleen said...

yes please to a phone date! and i gave my two weeks at the shop and am going back to tv so gchat here we come! it is really weird not being on a computer all day. i almost gave in and got a blackberry but resisted. phew!