Monday, December 1, 2008

Mod Cloth is 50% off till Tuesday! is having a big ol' 50% off sale till tomorrow so find what you like and get it now because come tomorrow you'll be paying full scale for it.  And we all know that is just a big ol' rip off.  

I've written about this dress before and now it's only $32!!  It's really cute, runs a little big and will score you lots of compliments.  

Have the perfect top and nothing to wear it with?  Try this here skirty skirt on for size.  I think my friend Meredith would like this.

It's time to pick out your New Year's dress!  May I suggest this one?  

And how about a side of yellow pumps to go with that dress?  They are only $15!

This lil' jumper is only $25 so don't argue with that because you can't!

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