Thursday, December 11, 2008

Necessary Objects

Necessary Objects is a neat-o brand and me likey.  I just watched Teen Witch for the first time ever.  I know, how did I ever survive adolescence?  I am not quite sure but color my life changed forever.  Teen Witch is the best movie ever.  So is Teen Wolf.  And those are both now necessary objects in my life and so therefore I'm trying to relate them to this blog with the bran Necessary Objects.  I'm also two glasses of wine in the hole so maybe I don't need to spell this all out for you.  Deal with it!

This back to basics grey skirt can go with just about anything.  Even that shirt that Stiles wears when Scott tells him he's a wolf.  A teenage wolf.  I think it says "What are you looking at pencil dick?"  Anyone remember?

This patchwork bag is tres-oh-so-80's-cool.  And it's cheap and not real leather.  Triple whammy!!!

Well, I only mentioned two movies so this is all you get.  I can't find anything else from these guys that I like a bunch.  So this is it!!!  Ta-dah!!!!

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