Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Big Sale At My Favorite Brooklyn Store!

Dear Fieldbinder is one seriously awesome and expensive store that is in Carroll Gardens in Brooklyn.  They have high fashion that I surely cannot afford.  But starting 12/27 they are having a serious blowout sale on ALMOST (key word) everything!  Anywhere from 30% to 75% off!  I don't know how to cut and paste on this thing (which is a serious problem) but here are some highlights from the email they sent me.  

Pretty things from this brand I don't know - Les Prairies de Paris.  Sounds expensive!  (P.S. This is the only dress I could find online - it's not very cute but the pics I couldn't save were very cute - look at their website to see!)

J Brand jeans are now $102!!!  Seems like a lot to me because I only wear dresses but for those denim lovers out there I'm sure it's a steal!

Dresses and tops from Eskell were close to $400 and are now just over $100!!!

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