Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lulu's Will Outfit You This Holiday Season

Need a dress for the office party?  Another one for New Year's?  What about dinner on Christmas night?  You can go one of two ways - get one really expensive dress like this Anna Sui dress (above) that I'm dying over OR you can go to Lulu's and get 3 different ones as well as the cutest accessories in the world for the same price (if not cheaper).  

This lil' red number screams Italy-chic!

This plaid dress is more likely my New Year's dress.  It's only $40!!  (Compared to the Anna Sui one at $451 - ugh)

These tights are $13.  I file this under "S" for "Serious Find".  

Finger corsage anyone?  

This top is for when you say to your date, "Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable."

P.S. That Anna Sui dress is 40% off at chickdown.com!  Use the promo code "CHRISTMAS".  


Marissa and Kevin said...

Hi Colleen!
similar-ish adorable tocca dress on sale at anthro.
xo Marissa

comeoncolleen said...

listen to marissa, people - she's got crazy sexy cool taste and i don't mean that she's uber-90's. i mean that she's all of the above times ten. good call on this dress - thanks!!!