Thursday, January 22, 2009

Etsy is the Besty

I've been browsing all kinds of good stuff on Etsy.  Here's what me found that makes me so happy I pretend I'm a pirate.  ARgh!

Neat and weird of two of my favorite things and this mustache drawing falls in both categories.  Score por moi!

Have a shirt with a weird neckline?  Fix it with this detachable collar!

Night lights are for babies.  And for people who love mood lighting.  Color me both.  

I have a tattoo on one wrist and a watch that I wear like a tattoo on the other so I feel like I can't ever wear bracelets.  But I wish I could cause if I could I'd wear this one.  

It's the little things that tie a room together and give it character.  Like this lil' birdie light switch cover.  Me likey.

I like ceramic coasters.  Hint, hint for anyone wanting to get me a lil' house warming gift.  

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