Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I Can't Afford But Desperately Want

I just signed my lease!!!  Yes, very exciting.  Thank you, thank you.  Oh, you are too kind.  Stop!  So yes, while it is very exciting I just signed away my entire savings and am nervous about making rent in Feb.  So instead of drowning my sorrows with a new dress I must just sit back and look at all the things I want and cannot afford.  Woe is me, I know.  I know.  Shhhh...

So Kenny and I are moving into a seriously crazy adult condo that couldn't sell.  It's all kinds of fancy pants and our weird small furniture will look very bizarre against all the stainless steel appliances.  That's right, people, there's a freakin' dishwasher!  So I'm going to save up all my money and hope for this couch.  Kenny said he doesn't like orange but I think it'll grow on him.  I just want a friggin sectional!  Dare to dream.  

I also think these lil' stools would be great in our new place and I'd like to use them as plant stands.  You get two for $54 - can't argue with that!

I want this wood link necklace from Erica Weiner.  I have a wood necklace and I love it so much and get all kinds of compliments on it.  I got it at a thrift store though for $3.  Oh well.  

I want this hat.  I also want it to not be $88 but I want it.  Now that I know I can't buy anything I'm putting up stuff I wouldn't be able to afford anyway.  Makes it less traumatic.  Ew, I'm being gross.  I'll stop talking like this.  I don't actually ever talk like this, fyi.  

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evan said...

hey congrats! how are you? i like reading your blog. your new place sounds amazing. good luck!
(and which branch of that store do you work at?)