Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's E-fficial!

Barry O. is our President!  Now we can really treat ourselves to something we don't need - more winter accessories.  Ryan sent me this all kinds of awesome Etsy shop called Yokoo - all hand knit neck tubes (which I can't get enough of) and bizarro hair accessories.  And as a fellow knitter I can tell you that the time you would put into these items and the cost of yarn is all a big pool of mush when comparing with her reasonable prices.  Check it!

Lets face it, homegirl makes a mean oversized sweater tube.  

Give yer coat a makeover with this over the shoulder future holder.  What?

This is called The Vermont Snuggler, which according to moi is reason enough to purchase this perfectly perfect cowl neck tube.  Sold!

This hand knit hair bow is very cute and although perhaps a bit Mini Mouse, maybe Disney-chic is coming back?  I kinda hope not but I like this bow.  

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Lani said...

how funny, i was literally going to do post on her the other week and the pieces you highlighted were my favorites too!

hope all is well! :)