Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fishs Eddy is My Favorite Store

When I get married, er, I shouldn't be so confident, but IF I ever get married I'm going to register here because their plates and mugs and everything is just too much for my lil ol' brown eyes to handle.  I went into the store yesterday on Broadway and it's really the best.  While I wanted pretty much everything, I focused in on my self-control and left with a present for Starr's birthday and two new mugs for me!  Hip hop hooray!  Hooooo....heyyyy hoooo....

I'm not telling what I got for Starr as I think she is the only person who reads this blog but I'll show you what I got and what I want.  My birthday is in June and considering I'll officially be OLD (I think that happened last year actually) it's time I started getting adult presents.  Bookmark this page for future reference please and thank you.  

All I want is to have people over in my house so I can serve them a gorgeous cheese plate on what looks like a sheet of college ruled loose leaf.  Writing a high school note never looked so good.  Unless you were one of those girls who could fold the note into some crazy tucked in origami triangle sculpture.  

This nursery rhyme-chic design is brand new to the store and I'm so on board.  These cereal bowls feature all the a-listers:  Jack & Jill, Big Bad Wolf, Mary and her shadow of a little lamb - the big wigs!

This mug is matches the above bowl and is holding a cup of strong ass coffee with soy cream as I type this and it's the cutest thing that has happened to coffee in my kitchen in a long time.  Sorry for the run-on sentence, but even coffee deserves a new outfit every once in a while.  

I actually got my coffee another outfit - this darling lil' number to represent where it comes from.  Although I'm pretty sure my weird Cup Full O'Nuts or whatever it's called coffee brand was picked and ground by a four year old in Columbia.  Whatever.  But isn't this a cute mug???

P.S. Everything in the store is 25% off till January 11th!  On your marks, get set.........GOOO!

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