Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Shopflick is a new website that does all the shopping for us!  I'm kinda sorta not really trying to do that here with this lil' baby of a site but they seem much more organized and professional about things so I say trust them more than you trust me.  Unless of course you agree with my toddler-chic aesthetic and want in to my closet.  Then stick with me, kid.  

I can't afford this but I want it for my summer bag.  Maybe by that time it will be on sale.  Fingers crossed!

So this site is awesome because they have videos showcasing their items where you can see your wishlist in motion.  I kinda love that idea.  You really get a sense for how things actually look and fit.  Like this vintage-chic plaid frock.  Done and doner!

This flashy bling owl ring is a "hoot" of a time.  Oh god, I'm sorry.  I couldn't resist.  Sue me.  

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