Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Post Post Holiday Sale...

is still going strong!  Woo hoo!  

First up:  Mod Cloth.  

This catholic school girl-chic jumper will most likely fulfill someone's weird fantasy so be careful and don't talk to strangers while wearing this. 

Someone should buy these shoes.  I can't walk in heels but someone who can will look very cute.  

Moving on to...Shop Mamie.  I still don't understand who "Mamie" is, but that is beside the point. 


This sundress is also cute.  Not sure why it's on sale but that Mamie is full of mysteries!

Next up:  Lulu's.  Everything is a little bit blah but what are you going to do, people.  Sue me.  

I've seen this guy on and it's pretty darn cute.  Sold now for winter but feels more summery to me.  

I will always be a sucker for Victorian-chic.  Yes please.

Last stop:  Urban Outfitters.  I know, their stuff falls apart.  But it's friggin' cute, no?  If you shop here, try to only buy sale stuff b/c otherwise it's a big of a rip.  Trust me.  For no other reason than I command you to.  

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall - this top will get you through all the seasons, although it'll probably fall apart in a month.  Work it while it lasts ladies!

I've been wanting this frock for a month now.  And it's on sale!  If I finally get a freakin' job I'm so congratulating myself with this guy.  

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