Thursday, January 22, 2009

Etsy is the Besty

I've been browsing all kinds of good stuff on Etsy.  Here's what me found that makes me so happy I pretend I'm a pirate.  ARgh!

Neat and weird of two of my favorite things and this mustache drawing falls in both categories.  Score por moi!

Have a shirt with a weird neckline?  Fix it with this detachable collar!

Night lights are for babies.  And for people who love mood lighting.  Color me both.  

I have a tattoo on one wrist and a watch that I wear like a tattoo on the other so I feel like I can't ever wear bracelets.  But I wish I could cause if I could I'd wear this one.  

It's the little things that tie a room together and give it character.  Like this lil' birdie light switch cover.  Me likey.

I like ceramic coasters.  Hint, hint for anyone wanting to get me a lil' house warming gift.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's E-fficial!

Barry O. is our President!  Now we can really treat ourselves to something we don't need - more winter accessories.  Ryan sent me this all kinds of awesome Etsy shop called Yokoo - all hand knit neck tubes (which I can't get enough of) and bizarro hair accessories.  And as a fellow knitter I can tell you that the time you would put into these items and the cost of yarn is all a big pool of mush when comparing with her reasonable prices.  Check it!

Lets face it, homegirl makes a mean oversized sweater tube.  

Give yer coat a makeover with this over the shoulder future holder.  What?

This is called The Vermont Snuggler, which according to moi is reason enough to purchase this perfectly perfect cowl neck tube.  Sold!

This hand knit hair bow is very cute and although perhaps a bit Mini Mouse, maybe Disney-chic is coming back?  I kinda hope not but I like this bow.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Post Post Holiday Sale...

is still going strong!  Woo hoo!  

First up:  Mod Cloth.  

This catholic school girl-chic jumper will most likely fulfill someone's weird fantasy so be careful and don't talk to strangers while wearing this. 

Someone should buy these shoes.  I can't walk in heels but someone who can will look very cute.  

Moving on to...Shop Mamie.  I still don't understand who "Mamie" is, but that is beside the point. 


This sundress is also cute.  Not sure why it's on sale but that Mamie is full of mysteries!

Next up:  Lulu's.  Everything is a little bit blah but what are you going to do, people.  Sue me.  

I've seen this guy on and it's pretty darn cute.  Sold now for winter but feels more summery to me.  

I will always be a sucker for Victorian-chic.  Yes please.

Last stop:  Urban Outfitters.  I know, their stuff falls apart.  But it's friggin' cute, no?  If you shop here, try to only buy sale stuff b/c otherwise it's a big of a rip.  Trust me.  For no other reason than I command you to.  

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall - this top will get you through all the seasons, although it'll probably fall apart in a month.  Work it while it lasts ladies!

I've been wanting this frock for a month now.  And it's on sale!  If I finally get a freakin' job I'm so congratulating myself with this guy.  

Things I Can't Afford But Desperately Want

I just signed my lease!!!  Yes, very exciting.  Thank you, thank you.  Oh, you are too kind.  Stop!  So yes, while it is very exciting I just signed away my entire savings and am nervous about making rent in Feb.  So instead of drowning my sorrows with a new dress I must just sit back and look at all the things I want and cannot afford.  Woe is me, I know.  I know.  Shhhh...

So Kenny and I are moving into a seriously crazy adult condo that couldn't sell.  It's all kinds of fancy pants and our weird small furniture will look very bizarre against all the stainless steel appliances.  That's right, people, there's a freakin' dishwasher!  So I'm going to save up all my money and hope for this couch.  Kenny said he doesn't like orange but I think it'll grow on him.  I just want a friggin sectional!  Dare to dream.  

I also think these lil' stools would be great in our new place and I'd like to use them as plant stands.  You get two for $54 - can't argue with that!

I want this wood link necklace from Erica Weiner.  I have a wood necklace and I love it so much and get all kinds of compliments on it.  I got it at a thrift store though for $3.  Oh well.  

I want this hat.  I also want it to not be $88 but I want it.  Now that I know I can't buy anything I'm putting up stuff I wouldn't be able to afford anyway.  Makes it less traumatic.  Ew, I'm being gross.  I'll stop talking like this.  I don't actually ever talk like this, fyi.  

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Shopflick is a new website that does all the shopping for us!  I'm kinda sorta not really trying to do that here with this lil' baby of a site but they seem much more organized and professional about things so I say trust them more than you trust me.  Unless of course you agree with my toddler-chic aesthetic and want in to my closet.  Then stick with me, kid.  

I can't afford this but I want it for my summer bag.  Maybe by that time it will be on sale.  Fingers crossed!

So this site is awesome because they have videos showcasing their items where you can see your wishlist in motion.  I kinda love that idea.  You really get a sense for how things actually look and fit.  Like this vintage-chic plaid frock.  Done and doner!

This flashy bling owl ring is a "hoot" of a time.  Oh god, I'm sorry.  I couldn't resist.  Sue me.  

Fishs Eddy is My Favorite Store

When I get married, er, I shouldn't be so confident, but IF I ever get married I'm going to register here because their plates and mugs and everything is just too much for my lil ol' brown eyes to handle.  I went into the store yesterday on Broadway and it's really the best.  While I wanted pretty much everything, I focused in on my self-control and left with a present for Starr's birthday and two new mugs for me!  Hip hop hooray!  Hooooo....heyyyy hoooo....

I'm not telling what I got for Starr as I think she is the only person who reads this blog but I'll show you what I got and what I want.  My birthday is in June and considering I'll officially be OLD (I think that happened last year actually) it's time I started getting adult presents.  Bookmark this page for future reference please and thank you.  

All I want is to have people over in my house so I can serve them a gorgeous cheese plate on what looks like a sheet of college ruled loose leaf.  Writing a high school note never looked so good.  Unless you were one of those girls who could fold the note into some crazy tucked in origami triangle sculpture.  

This nursery rhyme-chic design is brand new to the store and I'm so on board.  These cereal bowls feature all the a-listers:  Jack & Jill, Big Bad Wolf, Mary and her shadow of a little lamb - the big wigs!

This mug is matches the above bowl and is holding a cup of strong ass coffee with soy cream as I type this and it's the cutest thing that has happened to coffee in my kitchen in a long time.  Sorry for the run-on sentence, but even coffee deserves a new outfit every once in a while.  

I actually got my coffee another outfit - this darling lil' number to represent where it comes from.  Although I'm pretty sure my weird Cup Full O'Nuts or whatever it's called coffee brand was picked and ground by a four year old in Columbia.  Whatever.  But isn't this a cute mug???

P.S. Everything in the store is 25% off till January 11th!  On your marks, get set.........GOOO!

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Sales-A-Thon!

Is your new years resolution to spend less?  Well, if you need some new duds for the new year, you may need to act now and benefit from all the post-holidays sales going on.  Here are some of my faves:

Hate paying full price for Free People because it just seems way too expensive for such flimsy items?  But also think they are super cute?  Me too.  So it's a good thing they have lots of cute stuff on sale right now!  

Yesstyle has a a sweet clearance rack - like this lil' frock for $30!

Target always has amazing deals and their clearance items are well worth checking out.  Since I'm moving soon I'm thinking this is a perfect $6 house warming gift for me and mine.  Not bad, eh?

Chickdowntown is a Pittsburgh based site and I'm in love with Pittsburgh so I hope that we can all support their 55% off sale going on right now!  Woo hoo!  Use the promo-code "SAVE55" and do it to it!  And this Marc Jacobs is a great way to start off the year.  Trust me.

Find the Perfect Jeans!

Lets give a big 2009 applause to Emily for sending me this website called Zafu.  They ask you all kinds of personal questions about your body in order to find the right jeans.  I'm a little weary since they didn't ask me if I want low-rise or high waisted, but my results actually do look promising.  I'm on board!  Good luck.  

P.S. Does anyone know what saddle bags are?  They sound bad and I said I don't want to show them off.  A little help please.  And thank you.