Friday, November 21, 2008

80's Purple

80's Purple is this site that for some reason I get all kinds of emails from.  And my fingers are apparently too lazy to unsubscribe but today I decided, why not, I'm gonna browse.  While most of it is a little wee bit out of me price range (I'm a little leprechaun!) I did find some good stuff on the cheap.  And if you are feeling anti-recession and wanna blow the farm on a few key pieces, this could be the place.  Use the promo code "the purps" and get 25% off!  

No one who isn't famous should spend $92 on a retro-chic hoodie, but if you were going to do that may I suggest this one?  With the discount it comes to...wait for it...$69!!!  Ah, if only my blog had a laugh track...

You could wear this only in your apartment/house if you are luckier than me OR you could wear it out.  And it reminds me of Multiples - remember those?  They were in the mall and you could mix and match and they had the bunchy stretchy cotton tubes that I would always wear as belts.  God, I loved Multiples.  Bring em' back I say!  Here ye, here ye!  Okay, off track.  Anywho, this is another art-teacher-chic cardi-wrap for $20 and then the dress is $29.  Done and doner!

This model looks like something from the front cover of a V.C. Andrews book, but her dress is cute!  And it's only $58!  Double exclamation points!!

I never promised this was going to be excited but this shirt is cute.  It's also only $16 and slap a vest on that girl and an urban sombrero and she's ready to brunch Brooklyn style.

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