Sunday, November 30, 2008

JC Penny Gots Mad Sales

Well folks, it's officially Cyber Monday so let the games begin.  While you spent Black Friday at the outlet malls and gallerias, I've been locked up in my one bedroom eating tacos and scouring the interweb for the biggest and best deals.  First up:  JC Penny!  It's a weird mall store but ever since they signed on Charlotte Ronson and invested in edgy advertising I've been paying more attention.  And the verdict is in:  JC Penny is kinda sorta totally amazing.  And right now there's no sorta about it because everything is 25% to 40% off.  Yes please and thank you!

This brand is called American Living and I think they might be exclusive to JCP but I think I love it.  Check out the deer sweater below - same brand as this amazing riding boot!

Ooolaalaa!  I'm a serious sucker for a mini-wedge.  And they come in grey!

Ooolaadoublelaa!  Cute flats for 30 bones!  

Is faux fur totes lame these days or what?  I honestly have no clue and I don't really pay attention to fashion magazines but I know that I used to love me a fake fur coat when I was a teen.  And I love teens still to this day so I'm going with my gut on this one and saying that this is a really cute faux fur coat.  If it's not in style I say we bring it back!  Take back the fake fur, ladies!

Okay, so this plaid dress needs to be shortened and you need to invest in a different belt, but this is a cute lil' thing disguised as a fairly lame middle america gown.  But, trust me.  This dress got mad potential!  

OMGeezLouise - this is the sweater I look for at every Salvation Army and Goodwill that I go to.  And here it is brand spankin' new from JC Penny.  This is seriously cute - check out them princess sleeves!  I live for those things!

This big bow vest from JC Penny is beyond cute.  Especially when it's 30 bucks!  Hooray for Cyber Monday!

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