Thursday, November 6, 2008

Twelve by Twelve

So Forever 21 has a sister site or something like that - a sister school, if you will - called Twelve By Twelve and they have some purty cute stuff.  And the around the same prices as F21.  Yeah, I call it "F21", whatever.

This here oversized blazer coat dress thingy could be done a number of ways but I say wear it as a dress or over a dress and don't take it off.  Agree?  

Oh boy oh boy me likey.  If I knew how to type out the noises of an excited chimp that is what I would be doing right now.  

Open this bad boy up on the bottom and throw it over a dress and you have yerself a new outfit!

If you can pull this off as a jacket - bravo!  If not, it makes a cute top too.

I saw a little girl today in head to toe argyle and her mother was tres-chic.  Which leads me to believe that argyle is in.  Yipee!

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