Monday, November 17, 2008

I See Where This Is Going...

So there are a few sites that I will continuously blog about and that's because they are awesome and I can't help but keeping you updated on how awesome it is that certain sites just keep it coming, recession and all.  Bring it!

I've  been talking about grey being "in" for about 3 posts now and so all I can say is get boots like these, which embrace the trend but $42 but for that amount you won't feel bad when grey is the new periwinkle (which means "so not cool").  

Lost your husband in war?  Oh god, I hope not.  I'm sorry if my widow-chic joke hit too close home.  But "widow-chic" is what I call this hat.  All apologies.

This rum tum tiger ring spells "best birthday present" ever!

Look at the up close photos of this dress - it's too cute.  


jennine said...

i love widow chic

comeoncolleen said...

thanks! i love your blog! my friend margot did a trend report on it - it's great! for all those who are waaaaaaaay out of the loop then go check it out: