Friday, November 7, 2008

Erica Weiner's Jewelry Makes Me Feel Rich

This jewelry designer has an unfortunate last name, but so does this blogger so I don't feel too bad pointing that out.  Luckily though for her she has a talent that upstages that name, unlike yours truly.  Her jewels come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all different prices.  Which means you can get something super special for the sister you love and something that looks special but is much cheaper for the sister you could do without! Done and doner!

These lil' leaves look more like daggers which means you are that much less likely to get effed with on the street.  

Calling all the ladies with the names Dorothy and Phyllis!  These nameplate bracelets aren't customized but they do come with some pretty funny old lady names and you get a five pack for $20, which means this is the new kind of friendship bracelet.  I call Shirley!

Tie the knot.  With yerself.  Your boyfriend will thank you.  And me.  

Starr and Greg got me this birdcall necklace as a birthday present and I love it!  I call it "rape-whistle-chic" and if you pair it with those dagger/leaves earrings you are a one woman self defense team.  


sarah mckay said...

i love this chic! i have seen her stuff on which is another fab site for cool stuff :)

Ryan Green said...

daily candy featured her new engagement ring - it's only $100 and a herkimer diamond (not really a diamond), but it's pretty neat.

Katie Dulin said...

Colleen. You have shown me the light and I've fallen in love with this website. So much that I sent my mom a link to a beautiful necklace, (the one with the two ginko leaves and locket) and come Christmas morning, I had a box from Erica Weiner. I love it! And my friend the other night said, "Isn't that an Erica Weiner necklace?" I said, "Why, yes it is." I've never had anyone recognize anything on me unless it was on the sale rack at Old Navy. Thanks for showin' me some style and sass. I lovey this bloggy.