Friday, November 21, 2008

LuLu's = NewNew's

So my title isn't very clever.  So sue me.  I just worked a 8 hour day (woe is me!) and then went to get a big dinner with Starr and then went to have drinks and now I'm finally home and it's almost 1am and I'm not feeling my perkiest.  I'm also watching Will & Grace which is poison for the soul for really I'm not to blame here.  BUT! with all that said, Lulu's has some cute new stuff on their site, so get yer belly ready for lots of holiday cheer and many thanks with all these new items!  

There booties are Desperately Seeking Susan-chic.  Deal.  

I'm a sucker for a short boot just like any other girl, but I fall over myself when a cute short boot is only $38!!!!  Sers!  No joke!

I know that these jeans were all the rage last year but I still think they are cute.  Am I totally wrong?  I like them.  They would look good on a Pilgrim.

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