Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

So today is the day to get off yer arse and get to the stores. While many websites are offering free shipping or an unimpressive 10% off, it's the stores that are going overboard right now with the sales. But just wait...till CYBER MONDAY!!! That's when I'm gonna be working 'round the ol' clock trying to post all the great deals out there in the e-world. At least that's the hype. If it's not true I'm gonna have some serious beef to grill with whoever decided that Cyber Monday was a big deal. Hope yer turkey leftovers are sitting pretty in your tummy! Happy belated Thanksgiving!


dawn chenette said...

i got this email about your blog just now.(i was off the internet for awhile :) i am so excited it exists! and that you have said NO! to a TV job. i was just imagining that. you are brave.

rad. i will read and check in often. thanks for the boots tip lady, in your earlier posts, btw

your old friend
dawn. c

comeoncolleen said...

oh my goddness gracious! i'm so happy you found me!!!! i miss you and your stevie nicks voice!!! where you at woman??