Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cute Purses That Will Hold All The Pennies You Pinch

Now that I'm a working girl I have found myself carrying a tote bag with all my snacks as well as my purse, which is never big enough for my appetite.  So I'm looking into some bigger bags with smaller price tags.  Turns out fleather (fake leather) is all the rage - suh-weeet!

Has anyone else noticed that grey is the big color right now?  I'm very happy with this turn of events. 

Colors are in.  Deal with it by getting yer purple on.

Nila Anthony makes a great leather impersonator.  Im-purse-onator!  

Pick yer poison - either that brown one or maybe this tan one - winter white is always okay after Labor Day.

Big bags like this one look more expensive than they actually are.  

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