Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Haute Look

My friend Amanda tipped me off to this site - www.hautelook.com.  You have to sign up but it's a site devoted to sales.  Yeah, you heard me, SALES!  Some high end, some not.  So no matter what your budget there is something here for you.  This week - Development!  And only 15 hours left of this sale so go vote and then treat yourself.

This whole outfit is electoral-college-chic.  

Want people to think you are wearing a $700 coat?  Get it for two something and they will still think that!

This dress has RSVP to some super awesome event that you can't believe you got an invite to and might never wear this dress again but you have to look super awesome and so you convince yourself this is a good investment...written all over it.

This dress has inappropriate holiday work party make-out written all over it.

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