Monday, November 24, 2008

The Cheapest Glasses In The World!

So the other day this girl walks into the store and she has the cutest glasses on and so naturally I tell her how cute they are and then naturally she tells me where she got them - online for $8!!!  Prescription and all!  I'm all like "SHUP UP!" and she was all like, "No, I swear.  The New York Times (or Post, I can't really remember) did an article about a year ago on this blog that is a guide to the cheapest ways to get your glasses.  All online and all for less than $20 usually!"  With my jaw on the floor I told her in the friendliest of ways, "I just want to punch you in the face I'm so excited."  Yes, I actually said this to her and my comment was met with a confused look that made me remember that I can't talk to total strangers the way I talk to my friends.  If she ever finds this, I think her name was Erica - Erica, look at me, I never actually wanted to punch you in the face - it is more a term or phrase of endearment.  I'm sorry.  But thanks for all the info!

Okay, so the blog is called "Glassy Eyes" and they have links to tons of websites.  The site where "Erica" got her great glasses is called "Zenni Optical".  Here are some faves from there. 

For ten dollars you are allowed to follow the big nerd glasses trend.  I give you permission.  

These look a lot like the glasses I already have but they were no where near being $12!

These are math-teacher-chic and for all of you who want to look like an American Apparel model but don't want to spend the moolah, these $8 glasses are for you. 

These are $30 with the prescription and the frames, but really, can you argue with that?

Oh, and just so you know you have to look at the measurements and make sure they will work because I do not think they can be returned.  But for 10 bucks it's no big thang.

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