Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I think I've already written about Lulu's, but I went on there again after seeing a cute top in US Weekly while trying to numb my brain in order to not think about the election results (OBAMARAMA!!!!).  So I went on again and to my delight they have a bunch of great new things!  If you voted you totally deserve a treat.  

This lil' bootie makes me happy.

Strap this $11 necklace on yer holiday outift and pretend it's a Harry Winston.  I'm feeling very unclever today.  All apologies.  And according to the little red squiggly line, "unclever" is not a word.  I'm a serious chimp.

This dress confuses me but I like it and I think paired with a long cardigan it could do the trick.

This wool jumper is although I wouldn't wear it with those boots.  But I have seen this on people and it's muy flattering.  

This snake ring will make people think you are much tougher than you actually are.  

For $37 this faux anaconda bag will look great with your new cobra ring.  Are snakes in this season?

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