Monday, November 24, 2008


So I got my amazing brown coat!  It's perfect and I've been looking at since and you know, this webiste is pretty amazing.  They have lots of great things that I'd never guess they have.  I guess that's the whole point of the website but I just always rolled my eyes at it like it wasn't legit or something.  Well, I'm officially sold on the site and am trying to control myself from buying everything on it.  Well, lets be honest, not everything.  There's a whole lotta criz-ap on there too but you can search around it.  Promise.  

Look, I'm not saying this is cute or necessarily cheap but the point is that you should take this opportunity at Overstock to buy something cashmere.  It's not overrated.  I have been wearing one of my sister's cashmere sweaters all night while babysitting my niece and holy moly!  The reviews are right - it's too soft soooooo warm.  I want to be buried in it when it's my time to take a dirt nap.  

Even a super sale at BCBG won't have this dress on sale for $60.  Get it!

This lil' dress is PJ-chic and that means that you can wear it to bed and then go straight to work.  You don't even have to change!  I actually tried this method out a few times in high school.  I don't recommend.  But give it a try on a weekend just for kicks.

This Miss Sixty coat is tres-chic and muy bonita.  Ole!  P.S. This coat totally reminds me of my friend Lauren so I also call it Lauren-chic.


Lainey said...

Overstock has a fabulous collection of beautiful coats.

comeoncolleen said...

hey folks - lainey is the ultimate discount queen - check out all her deals: