Monday, November 3, 2008

Solid Gifts For People You Don't Know Well

Need a thank you gift for your boyfriend's parents who are having you over on Thanksgiving?  Maybe you need a housewarming gift for a co-worker?  Here are some ideas...I'm not saying they are great ideas, but they are ideas nonetheless.  Fishs Eddy is a neat-o housewares store and full of great gifty things.  Even if it's a gift for yourself.  

Put some homemade cookies (or buy some homemade cookies from your local bakery), slap 'em on this here $7 platter and call it a day!

If you ever come to my house for a holiday will you bring me these?

Maybe you are going to someone's house who has different political views than you - show them you care by giving them some Democrat or Republican glasses.  Awkward laughs will follow - promise!

Dare I suggest you get some alphabet mugs and a pound of coffee from your favorite local coffee house?  Or your favorite tea?  That way the gift is one part personal and one part generic.  It's a sure thing!

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