Sunday, November 30, 2008

JC Penny Gots Mad Sales

Well folks, it's officially Cyber Monday so let the games begin.  While you spent Black Friday at the outlet malls and gallerias, I've been locked up in my one bedroom eating tacos and scouring the interweb for the biggest and best deals.  First up:  JC Penny!  It's a weird mall store but ever since they signed on Charlotte Ronson and invested in edgy advertising I've been paying more attention.  And the verdict is in:  JC Penny is kinda sorta totally amazing.  And right now there's no sorta about it because everything is 25% to 40% off.  Yes please and thank you!

This brand is called American Living and I think they might be exclusive to JCP but I think I love it.  Check out the deer sweater below - same brand as this amazing riding boot!

Ooolaalaa!  I'm a serious sucker for a mini-wedge.  And they come in grey!

Ooolaadoublelaa!  Cute flats for 30 bones!  

Is faux fur totes lame these days or what?  I honestly have no clue and I don't really pay attention to fashion magazines but I know that I used to love me a fake fur coat when I was a teen.  And I love teens still to this day so I'm going with my gut on this one and saying that this is a really cute faux fur coat.  If it's not in style I say we bring it back!  Take back the fake fur, ladies!

Okay, so this plaid dress needs to be shortened and you need to invest in a different belt, but this is a cute lil' thing disguised as a fairly lame middle america gown.  But, trust me.  This dress got mad potential!  

OMGeezLouise - this is the sweater I look for at every Salvation Army and Goodwill that I go to.  And here it is brand spankin' new from JC Penny.  This is seriously cute - check out them princess sleeves!  I live for those things!

This big bow vest from JC Penny is beyond cute.  Especially when it's 30 bucks!  Hooray for Cyber Monday!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

So today is the day to get off yer arse and get to the stores. While many websites are offering free shipping or an unimpressive 10% off, it's the stores that are going overboard right now with the sales. But just wait...till CYBER MONDAY!!! That's when I'm gonna be working 'round the ol' clock trying to post all the great deals out there in the e-world. At least that's the hype. If it's not true I'm gonna have some serious beef to grill with whoever decided that Cyber Monday was a big deal. Hope yer turkey leftovers are sitting pretty in your tummy! Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cheap Shoes!

Cheap shoes - there's nothing more to say!

Oh, these mary janes are perfect for the winter dance!

I've seen Charles Albert in Delia's and these faux shearling winter booties spell out "Sundance-chic".  Have fun at the festival while fitting in with all the celebs!

These are the same brand and I'm thinking I should have bought these rather than my boots.  I could have gotten 4 of these for the same price!  I HATE when I'm a sucker.

There really is no place like home when you are wearing these darling Wizard O' Oz shoes!  

Wet Seal

OMGeez Louise, I'm a serious tween at heart.  I can't get away from mall teen stores.  I don't know where else to look - this is what I grew up on, people!  So today's hot topic:  Wet Seal.  Even though Jordan Sparks is the new spokesmodel (wearing her cinching bible belt...with a kimono sleeve, of course) I'm willing to look past America's Idol (I'm a Blake Lewis girl myself) and see the cheapsky gems that are out there for all of us to enjoy.  You're welcome!

Navajo-chic earrings?  Color me Pocahontas, cause I'm interested!

Okay, forget all the art-teacher-chic sweaters I've shown off before.  This one is only 10 beans!  TEN DOLLARS!  Not sure if it'll look good on you?  It doesn't matter.  It's only ten dollars.

I loved going to prom mainly because I got to wear a corsage and I love me a corsage!  This bracelet is goth-prom-chic.  Own it!

You should know how I feel about buffalo plaid by now but if not then check out this cute skirt and fall in love all over again.  

The Cheapest Glasses In The World!

So the other day this girl walks into the store and she has the cutest glasses on and so naturally I tell her how cute they are and then naturally she tells me where she got them - online for $8!!!  Prescription and all!  I'm all like "SHUP UP!" and she was all like, "No, I swear.  The New York Times (or Post, I can't really remember) did an article about a year ago on this blog that is a guide to the cheapest ways to get your glasses.  All online and all for less than $20 usually!"  With my jaw on the floor I told her in the friendliest of ways, "I just want to punch you in the face I'm so excited."  Yes, I actually said this to her and my comment was met with a confused look that made me remember that I can't talk to total strangers the way I talk to my friends.  If she ever finds this, I think her name was Erica - Erica, look at me, I never actually wanted to punch you in the face - it is more a term or phrase of endearment.  I'm sorry.  But thanks for all the info!

Okay, so the blog is called "Glassy Eyes" and they have links to tons of websites.  The site where "Erica" got her great glasses is called "Zenni Optical".  Here are some faves from there. 

For ten dollars you are allowed to follow the big nerd glasses trend.  I give you permission.  

These look a lot like the glasses I already have but they were no where near being $12!

These are math-teacher-chic and for all of you who want to look like an American Apparel model but don't want to spend the moolah, these $8 glasses are for you. 

These are $30 with the prescription and the frames, but really, can you argue with that?

Oh, and just so you know you have to look at the measurements and make sure they will work because I do not think they can be returned.  But for 10 bucks it's no big thang.


So I got my amazing brown coat!  It's perfect and I've been looking at since and you know, this webiste is pretty amazing.  They have lots of great things that I'd never guess they have.  I guess that's the whole point of the website but I just always rolled my eyes at it like it wasn't legit or something.  Well, I'm officially sold on the site and am trying to control myself from buying everything on it.  Well, lets be honest, not everything.  There's a whole lotta criz-ap on there too but you can search around it.  Promise.  

Look, I'm not saying this is cute or necessarily cheap but the point is that you should take this opportunity at Overstock to buy something cashmere.  It's not overrated.  I have been wearing one of my sister's cashmere sweaters all night while babysitting my niece and holy moly!  The reviews are right - it's too soft soooooo warm.  I want to be buried in it when it's my time to take a dirt nap.  

Even a super sale at BCBG won't have this dress on sale for $60.  Get it!

This lil' dress is PJ-chic and that means that you can wear it to bed and then go straight to work.  You don't even have to change!  I actually tried this method out a few times in high school.  I don't recommend.  But give it a try on a weekend just for kicks.

This Miss Sixty coat is tres-chic and muy bonita.  Ole!  P.S. This coat totally reminds me of my friend Lauren so I also call it Lauren-chic.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Remember the Snood that I can't stop stopping talking about?  Well I found more!  The company that makes them is called Wooden-Ships and they are wholesale only but I found more neck scarf bundles by them at Free People and I'm beyond tempted to blow another Grant on one of these bad boys.  If you get one of these will you tell me how perfect it is and take a picture and send it to me so I have something to be jealous of?  I'll post them all and then it'll be on here for all the world to see!  And by all the world I mean you, me and the 2 others who read this.  

Friday, November 21, 2008

80's Purple

80's Purple is this site that for some reason I get all kinds of emails from.  And my fingers are apparently too lazy to unsubscribe but today I decided, why not, I'm gonna browse.  While most of it is a little wee bit out of me price range (I'm a little leprechaun!) I did find some good stuff on the cheap.  And if you are feeling anti-recession and wanna blow the farm on a few key pieces, this could be the place.  Use the promo code "the purps" and get 25% off!  

No one who isn't famous should spend $92 on a retro-chic hoodie, but if you were going to do that may I suggest this one?  With the discount it comes to...wait for it...$69!!!  Ah, if only my blog had a laugh track...

You could wear this only in your apartment/house if you are luckier than me OR you could wear it out.  And it reminds me of Multiples - remember those?  They were in the mall and you could mix and match and they had the bunchy stretchy cotton tubes that I would always wear as belts.  God, I loved Multiples.  Bring em' back I say!  Here ye, here ye!  Okay, off track.  Anywho, this is another art-teacher-chic cardi-wrap for $20 and then the dress is $29.  Done and doner!

This model looks like something from the front cover of a V.C. Andrews book, but her dress is cute!  And it's only $58!  Double exclamation points!!

I never promised this was going to be excited but this shirt is cute.  It's also only $16 and slap a vest on that girl and an urban sombrero and she's ready to brunch Brooklyn style.

Nordstrom has a great Junior's section.  Basically it's because it's a little more sophisticated than your average junior's department.  And that is because that rich people shop at Nordstrom's and so they have certain expectations for lil' Tiffany.  And Tiffany isn't going shopping at the mall so she can look like a 21st birthday party gone bad.  No, no, no. Tiffany will carry herself with confidence and class and will sail through her SAT's as well as her Ivy League early admittance.  Oh yes, Tiffany is headed toward greatness (until Junior year when she gets [cue whisper voice]: an abortion).  But until then, lets all ride on ol' Tiff's coattails, because they have cute cheap stuff!  Hooray for Tiffany!

I call this "El Cantante-chic" or just "J-Lo-chic" but either way it's adorbs and you'll probably feel like a star in it.  That alone, is priceless.  Except it's not.  Because it actually only costs $37!!

I call this cardigan "art teacher-chic" and just looking at this makes me think of actually considering going back to school.  JK, school is for suckers!  (That's a joke, I loved school.  I wasn't that great at it, but god did I love it.)

This jumper is a staple that every girl should have.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  It comes in grey and black too!

This dress may have been the reason for Tiff's "lil' problem" but it has only the best intentions.  I swear.  And doesn't it remind you of that Top Shop dress I wrote about a day or two ago?

The Snood

So a couple weeks ago I blogged about Mod Cloth's "Ubiquitous Snood" and once I was done writing about how cool it looked I decided to bite the nearly $50 bullet and get one for myself.  So I've had it for about a week now and I have to say that this is the best 50 bones I've ever spent on a scarf.  I wear it everyday.  I get compliments on it all the time.  It's super duper soft and it's crazy warm.  I have made quite a few poor impulse e-purchases in my day, but this one I can't imagine ever regretting.  Except that I opted for the Ivory, which I see myself needing to wash from time to time.  But other than that I couldn't recommend it more.  And it serves as a bib for when you are eating!  (Hence the ivory being a dangerous choice.)

LuLu's = NewNew's

So my title isn't very clever.  So sue me.  I just worked a 8 hour day (woe is me!) and then went to get a big dinner with Starr and then went to have drinks and now I'm finally home and it's almost 1am and I'm not feeling my perkiest.  I'm also watching Will & Grace which is poison for the soul for really I'm not to blame here.  BUT! with all that said, Lulu's has some cute new stuff on their site, so get yer belly ready for lots of holiday cheer and many thanks with all these new items!  

There booties are Desperately Seeking Susan-chic.  Deal.  

I'm a sucker for a short boot just like any other girl, but I fall over myself when a cute short boot is only $38!!!!  Sers!  No joke!

I know that these jeans were all the rage last year but I still think they are cute.  Am I totally wrong?  I like them.  They would look good on a Pilgrim.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Built By Wendy - All Fall is 50% Off!!!

That's right folks, you heard it here first.  Actually you probably heard it somewhere else first and are just being nice.  Stop it, you're too much.

So yay!  Ol' Wen (can I call you "Wen"?) has put the Fall line for 50% off, which means it's still really expensive but it's not THAT expensive and if you buy right you'll wear the crap outta it!

This lil' plaid number will be perfect for sipping a hot toddy by the fire this winter.  

I love BBW b/c homegirl just takes a simple basic (like this here wool parka) and makes it  Why can't LL Bean get with the picture?

I call this cardigan "grandpa-chic".  Little kids will want to sit on your lap when you wear it so have some quarters ready. 

If I die before I wake, dress me in this skirt and cute top before you cremate me.  Got it?


Do you understand the urgency in my ALL CAPS!?!?  This means that I can't quite tell you what I feel about this coat.  It's to die for (TDF?) and I have seen it being sold in NYC stores for all kinds of more money.  It feels like you are wearing a teddy bear and I got it in brown so I'm sure to actually look like a stuffed bear.  And I can't wait.  
P.S. has $1 shipping!!!!  Who knew this website was actually awesome?

Madeline Shoes

Madeline shoes are and I need you to find them and buy them.  Because they don't come in my weird midget size so I need you to look cute for me!  Do it for me, goddangit!  C'mon!

Have I mentioned how cheap these shoes are?  These cute brown wedges are friggin' $39!!!

I don't know why this photo is sideways but I love this wedge boot.  They have them at the store in brown and everyone asks for them in black.  Happy birthday!

These heels are comfs and awesome.  

I See Where This Is Going...

So there are a few sites that I will continuously blog about and that's because they are awesome and I can't help but keeping you updated on how awesome it is that certain sites just keep it coming, recession and all.  Bring it!

I've  been talking about grey being "in" for about 3 posts now and so all I can say is get boots like these, which embrace the trend but $42 but for that amount you won't feel bad when grey is the new periwinkle (which means "so not cool").  

Lost your husband in war?  Oh god, I hope not.  I'm sorry if my widow-chic joke hit too close home.  But "widow-chic" is what I call this hat.  All apologies.

This rum tum tiger ring spells "best birthday present" ever!

Look at the up close photos of this dress - it's too cute.