Thursday, October 16, 2008

Websites With Cute Cheap Clothes (The Best Kind!)

So I don't know of a ton of websites but I do like these two the best.  Let me know if you have any others and I'll add them to the list.

Mod Cloth
This site is pretty great.  Some of the clothes are a little Delia's-esque, but all in all there is really cute stuff for cheap.  And they are located in Pittsburgh, which is my favorite Pennsylvania.  In the tri-state area.  I actually applied for a job with them and they never even sent me a courtesy email, but whatever.  I'm no grudge-holder and they still have cute clothes.  

Some current favorites:
I have this dress and it is fun (look at that photo - do you see how much fun I'm having?!?!)  It's really comfortable and it fits well and in late summer I wore it with a woven belt and in the fall and winter I'm wearing it with a black belt.  
It's a little pricey at $45 but I feel like this is a good staple for the winter.  And everyone looks good in a cowl neck.  If you don't want to spend the dough then go to a knitting store and make yer own.  I don't think it would be that hard and it would probably cost about half the price.  

Leaves and deers and birds are very 2004, but you know what?  That was a seriously great year, especially for under $15.

Yes Style
This is a really cute Asian website.  Lets face it folks, Asians are much better dressers than we are.  It's a fact.  And this site is pretty much just a big warehouse of clothes from every Asian country.  And it's pretty inexpensive!  There are some things that delve into triple
 digits but I have done really well in the $40 range.  BEWARE:  you can't return anything!  It's pretty awful, but they give measurements for everything so you can make sure it will fit.  It's the looking good that has sometimes missed the mark for me, but I haven't lost too many purchases.  Still, it's a sad day when you are so psyched for a new dress that you know no one else will have and all it does is remind you that you are not and never will be a cute Japanese school girl with a hot boyfriend (who may or may not be fetishizing me).

Baba Alice Dress - Summer or Winter, Spring or Fall - Baba Alice is ready to look cute.  I might not choose to pair it with a long sleeve shirt underneath but whatevs.  And this is a sure fit - elastic waist or no waist at all is a must when returns are a big fat NO.
Trench Coat City - For 35 bones I say get one in each color.  


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