Thursday, October 30, 2008

One (Fine, 2) More Etsy Item(s) That I Like/Want

If this sweatshirt is from American Apparel then color me "I have that!" and it's super comfs.  And it's much cuter with this print on it.

And there is another one that I think your fat hipster boyfriend might like.  If my boyfriend were a hipster, or if he weren't a hipster who refused to accept the fact that he is a hipster, I would get him this Paul Bunyan-chic t-shirt.  P.S.  This shirt does come in other sizes than an XL.


toolivejew said...

Dude, that shirt looks EXACTLY like this album cover... an album incidentally recorded by (a potentially fat) hipster

comeoncolleen said...

you are a potentially fat hipster if you keep eating all those spicy sweet chili doritos!