Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Potato Four

Have you always wanted your home to look like a gingerbread house on the outside and like Annie Pott's apartment in "Pretty In Pink" on the inside?  No?  Okay, so that's just me.  But if you know anyone else out there with an eclectic-chic decorating mentality, then Three Potato Four Shop is for them!  This site is filled with vintage knick knacks that will make people think you are someone's grandmother, which is exactly what my apartment does when people check out my miniatures collection.

Even if you don't drink tea you should always have a cute tea pot on display.  Because, lets face it, drinking tea is the adult version of drinking coffee at the local Perkins (or Denny's) when you are 16.  So please consider this orange tea pot.
These Danish Viking figurines are weird and that is why I love them.

Like maps?  Try a 3-D one on for size.  

Make you walls look like a Salvation Army gallery.  I dare you.

These plates would make a good off-the-registry wedding gift.  

These prints are supposed to be for kids but I want one for my inner adult.

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