Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bigger & Better Etsy - The Art Edition

My dear friend Starr recommended some great Etsy sites.  There's so much on there that I am taking any and all suggestions so send 'em my way!  Etsy has great, cheap artwork that either will make the perfect gift or will make your home look like a magazine/sitcom fake home.  Either way, you win. 

Give someone you love a bear hug.  This could be so cute in a nursery.  Say no to Pooh Bear and yes to a bear hug!

And when that kid gets old enough to think bear hugs are lame, maybe they'll like something like this!

No matter what age you are, this print is (thanks for that coming up with that, Brooke).  

Know someone who lives or dreams of living in San Francisco?  This print is a great way of saying, "Yeah, your city is THIS awesome!"

If I ever have a child I hope I have enough patience to set up a fort and project a light on a sheet so we can play with shadow puppets.  But I know for a fact I'll never make my own.  Which is why these homemade shadow puppets are amazing.  

These vintage lace earrings just need a little leather and you have yerself one sweet duet.

Maybe you know someone who loves bunnies and Mark Ryden but can't afford either?  If so, this is perfect!  

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