Friday, October 24, 2008

The Mall...

is a bizarre world of tween hangouts and bad meals.  But there are some stores in malls that with the right amount of patience you can find some cute things.  And unless your mall has a Cache, it usually means that it's cheap too!  

Sooooo...that brings us back to Charlotte Russe.  Believe it or not a poor man's Forever 21 does exist and this is Charlotte.  This store's main market is twelve year olds who want to look like they are twenty year olds...from 1994.  But, the 90's are back so bring it!  And pick up a crab cake slider from Ruby Tuesdays when yer done.  Them commercials make me hungry!

Nothing says TGIF like an $18 mary jane flat.

I'm not totally sure what's going on here but I think I like it!

Remember that black skirt I posted from Rouche?  Well it would look good with this!  Or the one below!

Wanna look like an Italian Mother-of-the-Bride?  Look no further!

New Years Eve is right around the corner and considering this holiday is usually a bit of a bust and pretty anti-climatic, don't blow yer load on some fancy pants designer dress.  Try this one on for size and then you won't feel bad face planting in a vat of champagne!  It has a big pink zipper on the back which will tempt your fellow party goers to unzip you and really get the party started.

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