Friday, October 31, 2008 is a site that has a lot of very affordable cute clothes.  I take issue with their model who has spent way too much time at the electric beach, but that's just my issue.  And I'm taking it back.  I'm taking them all back!

This cowl neck hoodie sweater is a winter staple.  I've had one every year and I might need to replace mine as I've worn out the armpits.  TMI?  Deal.

Give her some black tights and red shoes and put her hair up and wipe that seductive grin off her face and shucks, lets give her some glasses while we're at it and give her a week with no tanning booth and this dress is adorable!

They sell these jackets at the dollar store by my house for $7 in both kid and adult sizes so I say go there first, but if you can't make it to south Williamsburg then this could be yours in a few clicks!

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