Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A few months ago I was suckered into a scam email.  It was a forward explaining how Nordstrom had the bought out this makeup site called Eyes Lips Face and so they were selling everything for a dollar!  As you can imagine, my T-Rex arms started shaking in delight.  So, 40 bucks later I had a whole new makeup wardrobe and was anxiously awaiting it to arrive.  In the meantime I forwarded along to my friends only to be informed that Nordstrom did not buy out the company - I had been duped!  Although, not all was lost because apparently everything on the E.L.F. site is always a dollar!  Too good to be true?  Yes!  But, no, cause it is true.

*Use the promo-code "CAROLINA" and get 50% off any order over $15!  You're welcome!

Here are some of my favorites - most of which aren't even the makeup.  I find that getting some essential tools might be the way to go.

Brushes even at Sephora can put a serious dent in your wallet so why not try out some cheapies and see if they do the trick before blowing your load on the real deal.  

I have this eye lash curler and I highly recommend it.  Although I don't really recommend the double sided mascara - didn't have much luck with that.  But who cares when it's only a freakin' dollar!

A good tweezer is hard to find.  Especially one that won't cost you a butt load.  I haven't tried these here tweezers but for a dollar it's worth a shot, no?

These eye makeup remover pads are perfect for traveling.  You don't have to worry about fitting them into your liquids zip-lock or about it leaking everywhere.  And the exact same thing can be said for their nail polish remover pads.  Done and doner!

Plumping Lip Glaze - all the colors are subtle so I got the gift set for myself and am about to reorder b/c I'm almost fresh out!  I never think plumping works but it does a good job at making your lips feel close to numb so that you think it is.  

I don't know about you but nail polish is not something I want to spend my money on.  That is why this site is so amazing - $3 gets you 3 nail polishes!  I have a one and I want more b/c now that I'm unemployed I'm working on my home manicure skills.

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