Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cute Website Alert!

My friend Margot sent me the link to this website - Rouche.  It's very cute and very cheap!  Two reasons to give your loved ones a terrorist fist jab!

By now you can probably tell what "my look" is like.  I like to say it's either life-sized doll clothes or toddler-chic.  Sometimes I get dressed and feel like I'm on my way to the first day of school.  Ever.  But here are some things that I think are for all types of looks from my new favorite e-store.  

For all you fellow adult toddlers out there, this here dressy has 
"talent show" written all over it.

This top is a little on the summer-y side but with the right cardigan it has potential to be all-season-chic.  

Fedoras make my eyes sore I see so many of them these days.  What if you forgot the hat and went just with the feather?  Make it stick up so you stick out with a big long one like this!

Every girl and boy who likes to dress like a girl needs a high waisted black skirt right this very moment.  I suggest this one.

This website is a big fan of bird jewels.  I'm not complaining.  For less than $15 you can choose from these bird on a wire hoops or this I know why the caged bird sings necklace.  Dare I say buy both?

Who said vegans couldn't carry cute bags?  Well, show them this faux leather tote and tell em' to kiss yer grits!

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